Originally from Central Illinois, I got to Austin, Texas in the summer of 1989. Although I had lived in other Texas cities growing up, it was Austin that got it's hooks into me. I had always assumed that I would end up back in Illinois, but like many others, I moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas and just never got around to leaving.

Along with college, I soon became immersed in Austin's photo market by hiring on at a local photography studio. While I continued to work at the studio, I graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelors of Art in Art. Around this time, my work started to be represented by Swanstock Fine Art Photography Specialists.

Not long after that, I officially started Robert Wood Images on a full time basis.

Although I did quite a bit of commercial and editorial work, my main focus was on my personal work. Soon my fine art work started to achieve recognition in a wide variety of exhibitions from a solo show in Portland, Oregon, to a group show in New York City, to lots of stops in-between. My Becky series was especially popular.

These days, although I still enjoy the occasional commercial or editorial job, my primary focus remains to be on my personal work. 

For more information about my work, image sales, or even to discuss a shoot, call 512-789-4225 or email robert@robertwoodimages.com.

My favorite cat, Ektar.  Yes, she was named after the film back when that was a thing.

My favorite cat, Ektar.  Yes, she was named after the film back when that was a thing.

Two of my favorite summertime words....Cubs Win!

Two of my favorite summertime words....Cubs Win!

Along with making images, a few other obsessions include:

I'm a bit of a geek...well, really a big geek...especially when it comes to comic books, sci-fi, and movies.  (Mixed throughout my Instagram page, you'll find a few shots from various comic cons as well as shots from the amazing Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle.)

I love traveling (but really who doesn't say that on these sort of info pages).  Recently my wife and I visited a musher camp in Canada and met these awesome guys (they might have been gals...I have no idea):


As for social media:

Instagram has become somewhat like a photo sketchbook for me where anything goes. 

Facebook is a mashup of geekiness, politics, photography, and anything else on my mind.

As for Tumblr, it's out there, but I really don't know why.  Check it out, though, as occasionally something will pop up there you won't see anywhere else.