Visual Chatter is about spontaneity.

Most images I've made over the years, whether for shows or for hire, have been rather labor intensive. For example, the series Becky involved lugging around a large 4x5 camera, a very heavy tripod to hold said camera, and the multitude of stuff needed to capture an image on a piece of 4x5 film. Once the image was captured, it was into the darkroom for hours, inhaling nasty chemicals and turning into a Gollum like creature who's slightly afraid of the light.

Although it may sound like I am complaining, I actually love the process. There's not much I love more than a beautiful hand printed photograph. That said, sometimes I can get pretty wrapped up in the process and loose sight of the story I am creating with my work.

So, back to spontaneity. Visual Chatter is about me taking a more casual approach toward images then I have done with the Becky series.   Armed with only an iPhone, my overall approach was about simplicity and fun.  

As always, though, I hope the viewer creates their own narrative to go along with their viewing experience. As the viewer does that, hopefully they will have a little fun with the image as well.