Austin came out strong for last weekend's March For Our Lives.  I really hope that politicians were listening.


This is one of the first shots I took when starting to work through "Use This If You Want To Take Great Photographs. A Photo Journal".  The task was....

Take a beautiful picture of something ugly. 


This assignment was...

Go somewhere really touristy and take a non-touristy picture.

I took this shot while roaming around Times Square on a really cold night in December.  Check out the In Progress Gallery for a few more shots from that night.


This task from "Use This If You Want To Take Great Photographs. A Photo Journal" was...

Make a portrait of someone without them being in the picture.

This shot is from Denise's office (AKA The Fortress of Dollitude) and is perfect as it captures her love of history and pop culture (see the TMNTs), a glimpse of her favorite piece of art (the Nike of Samothrace), and her greatest fear after zombies (the Titanic).  

When I ventured in the Fortress I assumed I'd have to move things around a bit to get the shot I wanted.  Amazingly, though, this was exactly how I found it.

Fortress of Dollitude 1.jpg

Just for fun, late in 2017 my wife Denise and I started working through Henry Carroll's "Use This If You Want To Take Great Photographs. A Photo Journal." I bought her the book hoping she'd get inspired to take a few photos and I thought it would be a great way for us to hang out and work on something together.  As we've been working through the book, though, I've been learning a few things about myself.  For example, I didn't realize how much I've really missed looking at things from a black and white point of few. I've always loved black and white, but when the darkroom I was using a few years ago burned down, I switched gears and started shooting more and more in color.  

The assignment for this photo was...

Photograph a shadow.

This was taken in December at the Met in NYC.